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Already half-a-century of success!


1st March 1957

The helicopter manufacturer Sud Aviation, then Aérospatiale, then Eurocopter, and now Airbus Helicopters, is incorporated in Marignane. The Marseilles branch of the S.E.A.T. design & translation company, which will later become T.E.E.T., is awarded a multiannual translation contract which is still in effect…


26th October 1959

Foundation stone laid at the CEA Cadarache atomic energy center which is later inaugurated by General de Gaulle in 1963.  Right from the construction phase, the futrue T.E.E.T. is awarded a multiannual translation contract which is still in effect…


1st January 1966

Jean ROUSSEL takes over the S.E.A.T. agency to create the parent company of our group, T.E.E.T. (Traductions Études Éditions Techniques). Target markets: military aerospace, weapon systems.


1st February 1976

Just starting out as language teacher, Eric BON joins T.E.E.T. as a junior proof-reader and begins his in-house technical training while teaching at a highly reputed private secondary school and at the University of Provence.


1st January 1983

Jean ROUSSEL, C.E.O., proposes corporate partnership to Eric who has become Head of Service at T.E.E.T.: Incorporation of the TFD subsidiary (“Traduction – Formation – Documentation”).


1st June 1984

The T.E.E.T.-TFD Group becomes T.E.E.T.-SEFIP, translation & printing. Eric BON is appointed Technical Manager and Jean ROUSSEL Consultant.


1st December 1985

Eric BON creates the TRANSWORD enterprise, specialised in technical and certified translations.


29th April 1988

Pierre LEBAIGUE (Burovit Paris, former Test Engineer at Snecma, the French national aicraft engine manufactuer) and Eric BON jointly take over T.E.E.T. with Jean ROUSSEL as Consultant.


3rd January 1989

Conversion of TRANSWORD into Am TRANSWORD Sarl and creation of the TRANSWORD-T.E.E.T. Group.


1st July 1989

Sylvie ODEZENNE, then a freelance translator, incorporates ATI (“Assistance Traduction Interpretariat”), a dedicated outsource company in Marseilles.


30th September 1997

Sylvie becomes a Partner and Co-Managing Director at Am TRANSWORD and converts ATI into Ati TRANSWORD Grenoble, in partnership with Eric. Target market: high technology.


1st September 1999

Creation of Abc TRANSWORD in TOULOUSE with Patrice VIGNERES (TIERCE Company). Target market: civil aeronautics.


Februrary 2001 – Legal deposit  

Publication of a first translation dictionary of civil engineering, architecture and construction, 70,000 terms (E.B.). Others will follow: composites and plastics, aeronautics.


1st September 2003

Marketing office opened in Paris.


5th May 2005

05/05/05 in Geneva: Technical Agreement signed between the EU and Japan, Construction Design Phase of the ITER Project at CEA Cadarache. The TRANSWORD-T.E.E.T. Group is awarded a multiannual translation and glossary creation contract.


1st January 2010

Ati TRANSWORD agency opened in Lyons.


1st Februray 2010

Taking-over of the AAA translation business in PARIS and creation of AAA TRANSWORD. Target markets: industrial, legal, financial translations.

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